2018 PRISM Awards: the greatest show on earth!

Loyalist PR students, faculty, staff, administrators, mentors and community partners gathered in March 29th to celebrate the 13th annual PRISM Awards. This year's theme, "The Greatest Show on Earth" was present in all the event details -- it was truly a spectacle!

The program is grateful to its sponsors for their support: AFP Southeastern Ontario, CPRS National, Fifth StoryIABC, Meltwater, Quinte Broadcasting and Quinte Conservation. 

We are especially proud of our 2018 PRISM Award winners, which include the following:
2018 PRISM Service Award (sponsored by Quinte Conservation)
Winner - Cameron MacLean
Honourable Mention - Holly Marshall
2018 PRISM Leadership Award (sponsored by Fifth Story)
Winner - Nick Ogden
Honourable Mention - Kate Buttaro
2018 PRISM Innovation Award (sponsored by IABC)
Winner - Elliott Sheppard
Honourable Mention - Courtney Klumper
2018 PRISM Teamwork Award 
Winner - Ashley Clark
Honourable Mention - Sarah Hilts
2018 PRISM Spirit Award 
Winner - Nick Ogden
Honourable Mention - Laura Mitchell 
2018 PRISM Digital Media Award (sponsored by Meltwater)
Winner - Rebekah Campbell
Honourable Mention - Sue Jennett 
2018 PRISM Professionalism Award (sponsored by Quinte Broadcasting)
Winner - Courtney Klumper
Honourable Mention - Holly Marshall 
2018 PRISM Networking Award 
Winner - Cameron MacLean
Honourable Mention - Courtney Klumper 
2018 PRISM Fearless Award 
Winner - Kate Buttaro
Honourable Mention - Gurpreet Kaur 
2018 PRISM Team Campaign of the Year 
Winner - Courney Klumper, Sue Jennett and Rebekah Campbell
Honourable Mention - Holly Marshall, Jenni Thompson and Laura Mitchell 
2018 PRISM Individual Campaign of the Year Award (sponsored by CPRS National)
Winner - Courtney Klumper
Honourable Mention - Holly Marshall 
2018 PRISM Fundraising Award (sponsored by AFP- Southeastern Ontario)
Winners - Ashley Clark, Cameron MacLean, Elliott Sheppard and Maureen Belej
Honourable Mention - Sue Jennett, Joselin Green and Stephanie Clue 
2018 PRISM Mentorship Award 
Winner - Laura Voskamp 

Congratulations to all our winners, and to each and every student on an amazing year!