Grad Profile: Mikaela Stacey (2016/17)

Today's Loyalist PR Grad Profile features Mikaela Stacey (2016/17) who is now employed as the Digital Coordinator at Yeeboo Digital in Wellington, Ontario. 

Prior to enrolling in the Post-Graduate Public Relations & Event Management program, Mikaela completed a diploma in Business Administration at Loyalist College.

Loyalist PR: What made you decide to enroll in the Post-Grad PR & Event Management program?

Mikaela Stacey: I actually knew about the Loyalist PR program before I started in the Business program. I've been interested in social media and event planning since high school, so it was kind of a plan for me to complete the business program and then transition into post-grad PR. In my second year of business, I talked to a family friend who is a grad of the program. She told me about her experience, and that definitely made my decision concrete.

Loyalist PR: Could you describe what you do in your new role? 

Mikaela: This role has given me great opportunities to work in a few different areas of the agency. I'm working on the internal brand marketing right now, which includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. I also get to work on client projects, doing confirmation for TeamRaiser accounts and assisting with creative ads. I'm currently working toward my Adword and Analytics certifications within Google to begin working on new client projects

Loyalist PR: How did Loyalist PR help prepare you for your current role?

Mikaela: Loyalist PR gave me so many skills: where do I begin?! I work within the Yeeboo Hootsuite account every day, so the certification I received through the program is a huge asset. The digital design course has given me the skills needed to create banner ads for clients. Overall, Loyalist PR gave me the skills and knowledge needed to give me the confidence to work within the digital marketing sector.

Loyalist PR: What was the highlight of your year in Loyalist PR?

Mikaela: I have so many amazing memories from this year. One of the memories that stands out for me is the PRISM Awards. As the co-lead on the PRISM planning team, I was able to see this event go from planning stages to execution. This was such a rewarding project to work on, as we were able to create the last celebration event for our classmates, sponsors and supporters. Celebrating everyone's success is something I will definitely cherish forever.

Loyalist PR: Any words of advice for the new Loyalist PR students arriving this fall?

Mikaela: Balance is key. This program offers endless opportunities during and after the school year. Take every opportunity you can, but don't overdo it. You will have many deadlines throughout the year that approach faster than you anticipate. Most students will be juggling school work and part-time jobs while working to grasp these volunteer opportunities. So find your balance within these three areas and you will have the time of your life in Loyalist PR!

Loyalist PR: Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Mikaela -- we applaud you on your success!