Loyalist PR: preparing students to be professionals

Matthew Harding (far left)
One thing we don't always talk about on this blog is the fact that many of our PR graduates go on to have highly successful careers in various non-marketing industries. What's interesting is to hear them talk about how their year in Post-Graduate Public Relations at Loyalist College helped prepare them for those roles.

Here's a note we received from Loyalist PR graduate Matthew Harding (2014/15) who is now an Aviation System Technician with the Royal Canadian Air Force:

"The PR program assisted me with furthering my career goals by helping me develop my public speaking abilities. This directly increased my self-confidence which in turn enables me to perform my job better. 

Loyalist PR also exposed me to new challenges I had never faced before. By learning to handle these challenges through education and practice, I developed the ability to think outside the box. This is a critical skill needed for my military career, so I have the PR program to thank for that.

Furthermore, the PR program really drove home the philosophy of brand representation. Having the mindset that I represent my organization and the values of that organization is essential to maintaining a professional career. Everyone needs professional composure, whether they are in the military, a social worker or brand ambassador. Professionalism is essential to doing your job well and with pride, which should be the goal of anyone seeking a career."

Thanks, Matt! We wish you all the best in your military career - we're so proud of you.