Grad Profile: Brandon Black (2015/16)

Today's Loyalist PR Grad Profile features Brandon Black (2015/16) who is now employed as the Marketing Associate at the Sawdust City Brewing Company in Gravenhurst, Ontario.

Before entering the Post-Graduate Public Relations Program at Loyalist College, Brandon completed an Advanced Diploma in New Media Production and Animation at Loyalist.

Loyalist PR: What made you decide to enroll in the Post-Grad PR Program at Loyalist?

Brandon Black: I chose to enroll in the Loyalist PR program for a couple reasons. The first was that I was no longer interested in the animation industry. I was finding the lifestyle associated with the job was not compatible with mine. The second reason for enrolling was because my grandfather was a PR person for a company that he eventually owned, and I've been hearing a lot of people say lately, "you're so much like your grandfather." I believe that's true, so it seemed like a right fit.

Loyalist PR: Can you briefly describe for us some of your duties as Marketing Associate at Sawdust City Brewing Company? 

Brandon: My list of duties is endless, but I'll try to keep it short. I assist with the planning, running, and promotion of Sawdust City events. As well I handle part of the social media and help with distribution for TAPS Magazine. Any media relations tasks also get directed my way, such as news coverage of an event or acquiring ad space.

Loyalist PR: How would you say Loyalist PR helped prepare you for your current role?

Brandon: Loyalist PR prepared me for this position by giving me a lot of useful knowledge. I'm now aware of the strategies and techniques that are being implemented, and I am able to offer input about the brand's direction. Also the hands-on event management that is taught in the PR program instilled confidence in me, allowing me to actively volunteer to run or help out with different events.

Loyalist PR: What's your favourite part of your job?

Brandon: Well, free beer is always a great perk! One of the biggest perks is the people I work with. Everyone is friendly and they want to see me succeed. 

Loyalist PR: Any words of wisdom for the new grads entering the program this fall?

Brandon: Always say yes. If you're writing a press release and your boss asks you if you can drive to Toronto in the next 15 minutes to help with the clean-up of an event, say yes. It may be unrelated to what you're "supposed" to be doing or may be completely new to you, but being an asset to your place of work in whatever way possible can open doors you didn't even know were there to open.

Loyalist PR: Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Brandon -- cheers!