Loyalist PR grad having an impact world-wide

Alex Sancton with Loyalist PR Professor Kerry Ramsay
Loyalist PR students enjoyed a great morning of laughs and learning with Loyalist PR graduate Alex Sancton, Communications Advisor to the President of World Vision Canada

Since joining World Vision as a Loyalist PR intern in 2008, Alex has held various roles throughout the organization. Today, he's an integral part of the organization's communications team, travelling all over the world and making a lasting impact on the lives of many people. 

During his presentation to Loyalist PR students, Alex outlined his duties at World Vision Canada, as well as providing five meaningful takeaways to students. 

His "core" vs. "chore" lesson hit home, as we all strive to find a balance between the work we love and the chores that come along with it.

Thanks for stopping by, Alex - you're an inspiration and all-round amazing individual!