Grad Profile: Lacy Gillott (2014/15)

Today's Loyalist PR Grad Profile features Lacy Gillott who is now employed as the Stakeholder Relations Coordinator for Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, Canada's largest trade and industry association.

Prior to enrolling in the Post-Graduate Public Relations Program, Lacy completed a diploma in Photojournalism from Loyalist College.

Loyalist PR: What made you decide to enroll in the Post-Grad PR Program at Loyalist?

Lacy Gillott: PR had been in the back of my mind throughout most of my time in Photojournalism, however, it wasn’t until the end of my summer employment term with the Belleville Intelligencer that I decided my diploma and certificate simply weren’t enough. I was determined to land myself a stable career that would allow me to provide for my family. It was a last-minute decision and I am very proud I made that decision which has brought me to where I am today.

Loyalist PR: How did the Post-Grad PR Program help prepare you for your current role?

Lacy: The public relations program at Loyalist College prepared me for this position in so many ways. To say the least, it taught me how to communicate efficiently and how to keep up with rapidly changing marketing methods. But most importantly, the hands-on experience is what really prepared me for my current role, I was given multiple opportunities to lead a team and get outside of the college to experience what many students refer to as “the real world.”

Loyalist PR: Could you describe to us some of your daily duties?

Lacy: In my current career role, I am primarily responsible for making sure we have people attending our events. This includes coordinating invitations and RSVPs, updating our websites, maintaining effective relationships with key stakeholders and more.

Loyalist PR: What do you enjoy most about your job?

Lacy: I am determined to never stop learning and advancing and I have learnt so much in my short time at CME. If I had to pick my favourite thing about my career it would be just that, almost every day I am learning something new or meeting someone new.    

Loyalist PR: Do you have any highlights of your year in the Post-Grad PR Program that you'd like to share?

Lacy: My favourite memories in PR would have to be while I was working with my amazing team on our local fundraising event “A Look for Lungs” in support of the Lung Association. It was my initial introduction to the reality of PR and I had such a fantastic team full of bright individuals to work alongside.

Loyalist PR: Any words of advice for this year's PR students?

Lacy: My best advice for this year’s public relations students at Loyalist College is to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you whether it is initially appealing to you or not, keep an open mind, keep focused, set goals and try everything at least once. 

Loyalist PR: Thanks, Lacy and good luck as your career progresses!