Celebrating excellence at 2015 PRISM Awards

Photo courtesy of AMQ Photography
Loyalist PR students, faculty, staff and community partners gathered at Occasions by the Bay on Thursday, March 19th to celebrate student excellence at the 10th annual PRISM Awards.
Photo courtesy of AMQ Photography
What a great day it was to remember an amazing year, and look forward to new adventures!
Photo courtesy of AMQ Photography
We are pleased to announce the winners of this year's PRISM Awards in the following categories:

2015 PRISM Service Award 
Winner: Tina Storms
Runner-Up: Amelia Huffman

2015 PRISM Leadership Award 
Winner: Jenny Gilmer
Runner-Up: Clara Quinn

2015 PRISM Innovation Award 
Winner: Harrison Lenters 
Runner-Up: Richard Davis

2015 PRISM Teamwork Award 
Winner: Maclaine Chadwick 
Runner-Up: Kevin Ashbridge 

2015 PRISM Spirit Award 
Winner: Katie Stewart 
Runner-Up: Cynthia Millington-James 
2015 PRISM New Media Award
Winner: Kevin Ashbridge 
Runner-Up: Ben Cowie 

2015 PRISM Professionalism Award 
Winner: Ben Cowie 
Runner-Up: Melanie Lyman 

2015 PRISM Mentorship Award
Leona Hobbs

2015 PRISM Campaign of the Year:
Winners: Maclaine Chadwick, Cynthia Millington-James and Joanne Fralick

Runners Up: Katie Stewart, Chris Morris and Jenny Gilmer  

2015 Kay Staib Memorial Scholarship
Winners: Katie Stewart and Ben Cowie

Congratulations to everyone on a wonderful year!