Speakers visit from Ottawa and Toronto

Tara Tomulka, Media Relations Manager, Marketwired
A brisk, winter's day couldn't keep away two great guest speakers from Loyalist PR yesterday. 

Thanks to Natalie Bovair of SavoireFaire Public Relations (Ottawa) and Tara Tomulka, Media Relations Manager for Marketwired (Toronto) for sharing their experiences and insights with this year's Post-Graduate Public Relations students.

Natalie Bovair, SavoirFaire Public Relations
Natalie's discussion about PR agency life, billing practices and career progression was a great conversation starter. 

Tara covered a number of topics, including news release essentials, how to master digital story telling, content distribution and the importance of multimedia and social media in today's marketplace.

A huge thank you to both of these women for taking the time to visit and share their knowledge with us.