Monday, March 24, 2014

End-of-year 2014 PRISM Awards & Luncheon

Congratulations to our Post-Graduate Public Relations students who are now on their way to internship!

Last week, we held an end-of-the-year luncheon awards ceremony to recognize excellence in the program, and to enjoy everyone's company one last time.

Here are the results of the 2014 PRISM Awards:

2014 PRISM Leadership Award

Winner - Natalie Walt
Honourable Mention - Katrina White

2014 PRISM Professionalism Award

Winner - Katrina White
Honourable Mention - Ashliegh Gehl

2014 PRISM Spirit Award

Winner - Ashley Warner
Honourable Mention - Jessica Turner

2014 PRISM New Media Award

Winner - Laura Voskamp
Honourable Mention - Jacob Cote

2014 PRISM Innovation Award

Winner - Brian Chapman
Honourable Mention - Jessica Turner

2014 PRISM Service Award

Winner - Jessica Chartrand
Honourable Mention - Natalie Walt

2014 PRISM Teamwork Award

Winner - Amie Bronson
Honourable Mention - Kaytee Wood

2014 PRISM Mentorship Award

Dug Stevenson, Bay of Quinte Tourism

2014 Campaign of the Year Award

Winning Team - Tiffany Lobb, Ashiegh Gehl, Jessica Turner, Natalie Walt
Honourable Mention - Laura Voskamp, Jacob Cote, Katrina White

2014 Kay Staib Memorial Scholarship Winner - Katrina White

Finally, here's our group selfie (inspired by Ellen at this year's Oscars) - enjoy your internships, everyone!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fundraising weekend for PR students

It was a whirlwind weekend, with Loyalist PR teams raising approximately $1,000 for local charities.

The first group held a mall raffle in support of the Quinte Humane Society, raising $454 (see team pictured below)

The second team hosted a movie showing of "Mr. Peabody and Sherman" at the Centre Theatre in Trenton, raising $550 in support of Big Brothers & Big Sisters.

Way to go, everyone! Great team work and great results. You should all be very proud of your efforts.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Loyalist PR team donates $600 to Girls Inc.

Congratulations to our Loyalist PR team of students that raised $600 earlier this week for Girls Inc., a community service agency dedicated to inspiring all girls to be strong, smart and bold.

In this photo, team member Ashley Warner (right) presents the fundraiser's proceeds to Lindsey Belch, Executive Director of Girl's Inc.

The team's "A Bazaar Affair" fundraiser was a huge hit among campus staff and students.

Way to go, ladies!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Loyalist PR grad holds leadership workshop

Thanks to Loyalist PR grad Jeff Lauritsen (2008/09) of Ripple Communications for stopping by last week to talk to this year's crew of students about leadership.

A former member of the Canadian Armed Forces, Jeff brought home some key leadership points, as well as fun, hands-on activities (we all enjoyed the laugh!).

Thanks for stopping by, Jeff! It's always a pleasure to see you. We wish you the best of luck with your new business!

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Loyalist PR students host Enactus event!

It's been a busy few days here in Loyalist PR, with a full roster of events being hosted by members of the Post-Graduate Public Relations Program.

Hats off (on?) to the team of Loyalist PR students headed up by Jessica Chartrand, who hosted an amazing networking event for Enactus on Tuesday evening of this week.

Great job, everyone!

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Grad Profile: Alexander Smith (2012/13)

Today's Loyalist PR graduate profile features Alexander Smith (2012/13) who is now employed as an Account Coordinator at Environics Communications in Toronto, Ontario.

Environics Communications is a full-service marketing communications and public affairs firm with offices in Canada and the United States.

Prior to enrolling in the Post-Graduate Public Relations Program at Loyalist College, Alexander completed a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Musicology and Political Science at Queen's University.

Loyalist PR: What made you decide to take Loyalist PR?

Alexander: I have always been interested in the news, media and the tactics of communications. Public relations became a natural fit for me.

I chose to study at Loyalist after researching a few college programs. I found Loyalist PR to offer a broader focus than other schools, and the program seemed to be held in regard by its graduates.

Loyalist PR: Describe some of your current duties as an Account Coordinator at Environics.

Alexander: No two days are alike, and that keeps my work very exciting. As an Account Coordinator, I am responsible for media monitoring, event management, crafting media lists, research and many unexpected tasks on a frequent basis. I have gotten to work on several great client accounts, from major health care and pharmaceutical companies to household names like Nestle Canada, Shoppers Drug Mart and the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

Loyalist PR: How did the Post-Grad PR program help prepare you for your current role?

Alexander: I always have several different projects on the go, each with a different team. Working several projects at once in Loyalist PR gave me a taste of the great multitasking challenge I now deal with on a daily basis.

The one-month internship [Alexander interned with the Canadian Film Institute in Ottawa] and other employment opportunities that I secured through Loyalist PR and Loyalist College were invaluable as well.

Loyalist PR: Can you share any highlights from your year in Loyalist PR?

Alexander: Group projects were always an exciting and great learning experience. I got to collaborate with my talented and fun classmates to put together some great reports and terrific events. There was a lot of camaraderie in our class, and I take away several treasured friendships from my time in the program.

Loyalist PR: Any words of wisdom for this year's PR students?

Alexander: Make yourself employable, which means your most important task is to network. Loyalist PR alumni, in particular, are a great networking resource, and I owe them for an internship, a job interview and other friendly offers of help. Many people are only too happy to respond to
requests for help and advice.

Loyalist PR: Thanks for your insights, Alexander -- we loved having you in the program. Good luck in your career!

Upcoming Loyalist PR event!

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Grad Profile: Hannah Brown (2012/13)

Today's Loyalist PR graduate profile features Hannah Brown (2012/13) who is now employed as the Fund Development Coordinator at the Alzheimer's Society in Belleville, Ontario.

Prior to enrolling the Post-Graduate Public Relations Program at Loyalist College, Hannah completed a bachelor of design (BDes) from Nova Scotia College of Art & Design in Halifax.

Loyalist PR: What made you decide to enroll in Loyalist PR?

Hannah: I worked various retail positions for a few years after I graduated university, and finally decided that I would need further education if I wanted to get a position in communications. The PR program at Loyalist seemed like it would be a good fit, and it was only a year-long commitment which I liked.

Loyalist PR: How did Loyalist PR help prepare you for your current role?

Hannah: The fundraising and event planning courses were the most relevant to the work I do now (which makes me wish I had paid closer attention in those classes)! The experience of having actually planned an event was definitely something my employer considered when I was hired. My internship [at Venture Communications in Toronto] was an incredibly valuable experience I never would have gotten otherwise.

Loyalist PR: What does your role at the Alzheimer Society entail?

Hannah: I am in charge of both Special Events and Development. At the moment, my day-to-day is a lot of event planning, since we have a big one coming up. I call local businesses for sponsorship and prize donations. I also write press releases and work with local news outlets to get coverage of our event.

On the development side of things, I have implemented a monthly giving program, and I am currently working on creating a legacy giving program.

Every day is different, and I use the whole range of skills I gained from the PR Program at Loyalist.

Loyalist PR: Any highlights you'd like to share from your year in Loyalist PR?

Hannah: Finally getting an internship! I was one of the last people in the class to confirm mine, and I was starting to worry. Another highlight was our guest speaker, Rhonda Cunningham, from the Northumberland Hills Hospital Foundation. That was the first time I thought I might like to work for a non-profit. 

Loyalist PR: Any words of advice for this year's students?

Hannah: I know everyone tells you how important writing is, but I'm going to say it again. Learning to write well is the most important skill you will learn this year, so practice as much as you can!

Loyalist PR: Thanks, Hannah - it was a pleasure catching up with you! Good luck with your career.

News Canada visits Loyalist College

Many thanks to Jenny Cruxton, Manager, Business Development and Diane Williams, Executive VP of Digital Services/Print & Web Media Relations who came to speak with Loyalist PR students yesterday afternoon from News Canada in Toronto.

The News Canada presentation covered Media Ratings Points (MRPs) in Canada, as well changes taking place in the PR landscape and their impact on technology.

Thanks again, Jenny and Diane - we loved having you in our classroom, and learned a lot!

Thanks to Toronto guest speakers!

A huge shout-out to Chris Boutet, Senior Manager, Brand Insights and Katie McKinnon, Manager, Client Success from Infomart of Toronto who stopped by our classroom yesterday morning.

The dynamic duo provided great background on media monitoring for both traditional and social media outlets, as well as a wide range of valuable insights on marketing and crisis communications.

Thanks so much for shopping by, Chris and Katie! We thoroughly enjoyed your visit.