Mature student Ken MacPherson returns to Loyalist College... and tells us why

It has been nearly 25 years since Ken MacPherson last stepped inside a college classroom as a student.

After a corporate downsizing recently cost him his journalism job, he decided to return to Loyalist College's Post-Graduate Public Relations program to broaden his skill set and make himself more employable in an ever-changing workforce.

Following his first graduation from Loyalist in the late 1980s, Ken spent a number of years managing community television operations in Prince Rupert, BC and Medicine Hat, AB before moving into print journalism with a newspaper in the Annapolis Valley, NS.

There, he performed a number of job functions, from writing and photography to editing and page design. In the intervening years, Ken watched page design and photography develop from cut-and-paste and the dark room to the entire process being manipulated through a computer.

When he began his career, there was no Facebook or Twitter. Social media was an unformed term. Email was the rage, and was not considered the essential tool to which it eventually evolved. Most thought it quaint and interesting, but were unsure if it would ever replace telephones and fax machines.

Most were wrong.

Ken was one of those individuals who adapted to new technology. But, like others at the time, his change was mostly reactionary. He changed when the technology forced him to change, in order to keep up. Adapting was difficult, frustrating, fun and enlightening.

With his return to Loyalist College, Ken has decided to take change into his own hands. He has decided to position himself ahead of the curve, and perhaps the next technology revolution, by taking advantage of what Loyalist College has to offer (for the second time).

Public relations, more so than most other career paths, will rely almost exclusively on new media and new ways that people have not yet conceived, to advance their ideas.

Ken doesn't want to be just a follower in this new media world; he wants to lead it.

It all begins here.