Grad Profile: Kasey Pollard (2010/11)

Today's graduate profile features Kasey Pollard (2010/11) who is now employed as the Destination Development Coordinator with Hastings County in the Planning and Economic Development Department.

Prior to enrolling in Post-Graduate Public Relations at Loyalist College, Kasey completed a Honours B.A. in Tourism and Environment at Brock University.

Loyalist PR: Why did you choose to enrol in the Post-Graduate Public Relations Program at Loyalist College?

Kasey: I chose to go to Loyalist after I took a tour of the campus. I was impressed by the size of the classes and the way the school felt like a community.

After attending larger campuses, like the University of Waterloo and Brock University, I knew I wanted to study somewhere were the instructor to student ratio was lower. However, the main deciding factor was that the only program coordinator to send an in-depth email that answered my questions, and then some, was from Kerry, which basically sealed the deal for me.

Loyalist PR: Can you describe some of your current duties as a Destination Development Coordinator with Hastings County?

Kasey: My primary duties involve coordinating the Premier-Ranked Tourism Destination Development Project and acting as a liaison between the many tourism stakeholders across the county.

Some tasks include organizing meetings, managing the website, promoting tourism initiatives and increasing online presence through social media, and assisting tasks groups with developing tourism assets (like recreational geology, the Arts Route and wellness tourism).

Loyalist PR: How did Loyalist PR help prepare you for your current position?

Kasey: The PR program gave me a wealth of tools that enabled me to make use of the degree I got in University. I didn’t know how to connect the dots between theory and practice after I graduated, and knew I needed some hands on skills that would bridge the gaps.

Since Loyalist PR, I can now effectively communicate the knowledge I have on sustainable tourism and community development. From print interviews to presenting ideas to different audiences and knowing how to writing for various platforms, I’m now prepared and feel confident with my work.

Loyalist PR: Any highlights from your year in Loyalist PR?

Kasey: When I look back on the year, it seems every day had a highlight of its own – thanks to the colourful personality of classmates. If I had to pick two, the United Way Fundraiser and the Christmas Party at Wayne’s were definitely memorable.

Loyalist PR: Any words of advice for this year's students?

Kasey: Now that the second semester is here, it’ll soon be time for internships. Make sure to give it your all wherever you find your placement and go above and beyond with your work. Whether or not your internship turns into a full-time job, you’ll gain invaluable contacts that will someday make or break a future opportunity.

Loyalist PR: Thanks, Kasey - and good luck with your career!