Roadtrip: Loyalist PR heads to Toronto

Perfect fall weather helped make yesterday's Loyalist PR trip to Toronto an unforgettable day.

After an early start (6:30 a.m. - ouch!), we headed first to Steam Whistle Brewing where Communications Director Sybil Taylor led us through a fantastic branding presentation. Students also had a chance to tour the brewery, adding to the fun of the experience.
After a great patio lunch (minus the wasps), we met up with Jeremy Cammy, Executive Producer, Events & Marketing and members of his team at Indigo headquarters on King Street West (see photo above). Following an interactive and informative presentation, we were all delighted to dive into our swag bags (books for everyone!) -- thanks, Indigo!

Our next stop was CBC Studios, home of George Strombolopolous Tonight. With special guests Ron MacLean of Hockey Night in Canada, celebrated authoress Margaret Atwood and New York Times columnist and author Thomas Friedman in the house, students and faculty enjoyed a great taping, complete with plenty of humour thrown in by audience relations guy, Fraser.

Big thanks to George who once again took out time from his schedule to chat with us and make us feel at home on his home turf.
On what little adrenaline we had left, we powered home, spurred on by Top Gun and the likes.

Great trip, everyone - hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

Photos by Aaron Bell