Grad Profile: Logan Morrison (2010/11)

Today’s grad profile features Logan Morrison (Loyalist PR 2010/11) who is now employed as the Events and Logistics Manager with REC Promotions, the leading professional mixed martial arts promotion company in Ottawa, Ontario.

Prior to enrolling in Loyalist PR, Logan achieved his Advanced Diploma in Television and New Media Production at Loyalist College.

Loyalist PR: Tell us about some of the duties you perform in your current role at REC Promotions.

Logan Morrison: We host seven events a year: three pro MMA events, three amateur Muay Thai and one Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Open. I am in charge of the general organization, budget, sponsorship, marketing, promoting, selling tickets, contract negotiations and event logistics and organizing.

Loyalist PR: What made you decide to take Loyalist PR?

LM: I had a short time finishing TVNM as a Producer, and I did well, but thought I could improve on how I interacted with the "corporate" side. PR did that and more.

Loyalist PR: How did Loyalist PR help prepare you for your current position?

LM: I have always been a people person, but PR honed my skills, made me more organized and focused on personal, and business goals as well. I learned how to make non-profit events, and how to 'ask'.

Loyalist PR: What were some of the highlights from your year in Loyalist PR?

LM: My highlights in PR were getting "back to basics", where we would say "this is ridiculous, I did this in grade school" only to realize we forgot how. Talking to people from alumni who JUST graduated, and know the in's and out's, not people who graduated 40 years ago, telling you how it was.

True Colours also taught me a lot about myself, and how to react to others. My push to get the internship I wanted, and getting it was a great highlight. My greatest highlight was organizing the PRISM Awards [end-of-the-year PR awards banquet], because it lead me to my new career.

Loyalist PR: Any advice for students entering the program this fall?

LM: Don't stop believin'! Personally, PR was how I took my steps towards my dream job. If you want to be that someone who makes a difference to the public by adhering to its needs, then follow that dream like I did.

Loyalist PR: Great advice – keep making us proud!