Loyalist PR grad profile: Kim Stapley (09/10)

Today we're catching up with Loyalist PR grad Kim Stapley (09/10) who is employed as a Recruitment Officer right here at Loyalist College.

Loyalist PR: What program did you complete before coming to Loyalist PR?

Kim Stapley: Prior to enrolling in the Post-Graduate Public Relations Program at Loyalist College, I graduated from the two-year Business Program at Loyalist.

Initially, I planned to continue into third year Business Administration - Human Resource Management, but after realizing my passion, I knew that the Post Graduate Public Relations certificate program would be the perfect fit for my third year at Loyalist College.

Loyalist PR: What made you decide to take Loyalist PR?

KS: After speaking with faculty from the School of Business about my goals and aspirations, they asked why I was not in Public Relations, as it was truly my passion. After doing some research, they were correct, and I knew it was imperative that I take PR in my third year at Loyalist College in order to pave the way to my future aspirations.

Loyalist PR: Can you describe some of your work duties?

KS: My duties include promoting college programs to prospective students, parents and a range of community organizations; planning, scheduling and executing promotional events for prospective students; developing and delivering presentations to diverse audiences providing information on Loyalist College programs and services, and local community resources; tracking statistical data relating to recruitment activities; and travelling extensively to various communities in Ontario and beyond.

Loyalist PR: How did Loyalist PR help prepare you for your current position?

KS: First, I must give props to Kerry Ramsay and Loyalist College for developing such a unique program that covers all aspects of Public Relations. Individuals like myself, go in with a general idea to what the program will offer. What these individuals do not realize is this program empowers people, as they live their dream from the first day they set foot into the classroom.

Each day was a new lesson, challenge, and adventure worth exploring.

I know I would not have landed my current position as a Recruitment Officer if I had not taken the PR program. This program has taught me how to effectively communication through presenting, writing, and vocalizing clear concise messages to any audience. The PR program has also taught me that no matter the situation, always focus on your leadership skills and to face every situation head-on; as we never know what new adventures will be presented.

Loyalist PR: Do you have any highlights of your year in Loyalist PR?

KS: That's a tough one! I think I would have to say the trip to Toronto in the fall when we went as a class to Steam Whistle Brewery and of course meeting George Stroumboulopoulos was crazy fun – just saying! However, getting back to the point ~ we boarded the bus as a class, but left the bus as a team! Priceless…

Loyalist PR: Any words of wisdom for current students or anyone considering taking the program?

KS: Yes, go in with an open mind. This program is a lot of work, but more importantly it is a LOT of fun! Slow down, listen, and be open to change! There is so much to learn, not only from the faculty, but from one another.

Each of your classmates has come from another program or career and that in itself is one of the most amazing things about the PR program. Take the time to learn from one another and hold one to the little lessons that you may miss, if you do not look at the bigger picture.

Loyalist PR:
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Kim -- and good luck with your new job!