Thursday, March 10, 2011

Networking breakfast strikes a chord with local professional communicators

Yesterday's News Canada Breakfast & Idea Exchange at the Fairfield Marriott Inn & Suites in Belleville attracted more than 85 professional communicators from the Quinte region and beyond.

Keynote speaker Martin Waxman (see photo above) of energi PR delivered an excellent presentation on "The New PR", focusing on the way social media is changing the way we do business.

Thanks to the Loyalist PR student organizing team and to all participants for their insights and expertise.

Finally, thank you to our event sponsors: News Canada, Wooby Communications, Quadra Research, Pivot Media Relations and We appreciate your support!


dylan said...

I love the idea of networking over breakfast - it is always the best time of the day when you are full of energy and ideas, rather than a later evening session when all you want to do is relax rather than be alert and focused.

Loyalist PR said...

Agreed - but then, I'm a morning person!