Alumni Flashback: Phil Jolicoeur (Loyalist PR 05/06)

Big thanks to alumnus Phil Jolicoeur (Loyalist PR 05/06) who stopped by the Loyalist PR classroom today to provide students with tips on internships and an update on where he's at these days.

It's always a fun time when Phil stops by, especially considering he's made comedy such a main focus of his career these past few years.

Having interned with the Calgary Comedy Festival back in 2006, Phil continues to build on his contacts in the comedy business.

Today, he acts as PR/tour manager for The Boob Tour which travels across Canada to raise funds to provide services to breast cancer survivors. Way to go, Phil!

If you're in the Alberta or BC regions, the tour is coming soon to a venue near you, so be sure not to miss it.

Thanks for stopping by, Phil. It's always great to share a laugh!

P.S. Love the t-shirt!