Loyalist PR takes on Toronto: unforgettable!

Loyalist PR students and faculty enjoyed a fantastic day in Toronto yesterday. While there were many, many memorable moments, here are just a few visual highlights:
Our first stop was Steam Whistle (above) where Director of Communications Sybil Taylor and Tour Guide Shannon shared their amazing passion and expertise for this great brand. Thanks to you both!

Our next stop was RBC where the impressive PR/Corporate Sponsorship team guided us through the PR rewards and challenges of being one of two major corporate sponsors for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Torch Run. Thanks to the two Jackies and Chathan!

And to top it off, we attended a taping of The George Stroumboulopoulus Tonight show at CBC Studios. Thanks to George for once again being so gracious and kind with our students following the studio taping.

What a wonderful day and fantastic way to get to know each other better - looking forward to more great times ahead!