Freeze Frame with Mandi Buma (09/10)

Today's Freeze Frame features Mandi Buma, a Loyalist PR student who graduates next month.

Prior to coming to the Post-Graduate Public Relations Program, Mandi was enrolled in the Recreation and Leisure Program, followed by the Accounting Program at Loyalist College.

Mandi is now working full-time as the Recreation Co-ordinator for the Township of Tyendinaga in Shannonville.

Freeze Frame: Tell us about some of your duties in your role as Recreation Co-ordinator.

Mandi Buma: I am in charge of all of the recreational programming for kids and adults, as well as all of the special events we do here. Some of these include Canada Day, Remembrance Day, a Volunteer BBQ as well as fundraising events to raise money for the recreational programs we run.

I also am in charge of maintaining the budget here, as well as being the liaison between the recreational users and the council of our Township.

FF: How did Loyalist PR help prepare you for your current position?

MB: Loyalist PR was a huge help in preparing me for my current job. The different courses helped me prepare for things that I do every day - event planning, fundraising, scheduling and writing.

FF: Can you tell us about any of the highlights of your year in Loyalist PR?

MB: One of the highlights for me in the PR program was the trip we took to Toronto. It was amazing to see the set of "The Hour" (on CBC) and be a part of the Christmas special. It was a great bonding experience for our class as well and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

FF: Do you have any words of wisdom for students entering the program this fall?

MB: My words of advice would be to GET INVOLVED in anything you can! There is so much to experience in PR and so many amazing things to learn!

FF: Anything else to add?

MB: Come into the program with an open mind. There is so much to learn and so many things to experience. Get involved and learn as much as you can!