Loyalist PR tackles rock climbing challenge!

For those who have found themselves driven to climb the walls during the final weeks of the fall semester, yesterday's Loyalist PR trek to the The Boiler Room Climbing Gym in Kingston provided the perfect outlet for all our pent-up energies.

A motley crew of climbing amateurs and experts, we took to the walls at The Boiler Room with great enthusiasm.

Some among us overcame their fear of heights, others discovered new strength and agility, while all of us enjoyed the chance to be together, have some laughs and share in a great experience.

It was especially rewarding to see people get out of their comfort zone and go beyond their limits -- some even made it to the top of the 100-foot chimney stack, Canada's highest indoor climb!

Special thanks to Kelly McKinnon of Loyalist PR and Cory Mestre, Co-ordinator of Campus Fitness & Recreation at Loyalist College who organized the trip.

And a final WOW to the great team at The Boiler Room Climbing Gym .

Thanks for being so amazing, guys!