Monday, December 14, 2009

It's Uuuuuggly Sweater Season!

Loyalist PR students kicked off the last week of the semester today with an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party & Potluck (see some selected beauties above).

Highlights of the party included more incredible food than we could ever eat, the oh-so-Secret Santa gift exchange, not to mention an amazing, original track of ultimate seasonal tunes (featuring everything from the Jackson 5 to Britney Spears and Rick Astley - yes, sad, but true). Please don't judge us. It was rocking good times.

Ahead later this week: a trip to the Boiler Room Climbing Gym in Kingston, followed by lunch at the Copper Penny.

Looking forward to a great last week together, everyone!


Alanna McNutt said...

Today was awesome! I wish we could wear ugly sweaters more often! LOL Everyone certainly had a good day today :D

Micheal Bernard McCaul said...

My Ugly Sweater...not as ugly as Scott's Sweater and not even my sweater. Potluck was great! yay presents. High school musical...really Kerry...REALLY?

What is Loyalist PR? said...

LOL - you KNOW you're a closet High School Musical fan - just admit it! :)