"Blink Twice."

As many of you know, our Loyalist PR class had the opportunity to attend a taping of CBC's The Hour this past October.

As a big fan of The Hour (that's me, pictured right, with host George Stroumboulopoulos earlier this month), I was thrilled to share the experience with my students.

Just recently, I was reminded of one of the many off-camera segments of the show, during which George (aka Strombo) told us about one of his motorbike racing adventures this past summer.

The part of the story that stuck with me was where George was talking about racing his bike at break-neck speeds, to the point where he had reached the edge of his fears.

At that point, he says he repeated to himself the words someone had once told him about breaking through the fear barrier: "When you reach the point of your fear, blink twice. And then just do it."

And so he did.

And so should we.

What fears are holding you back from reaching your true potential? Or achieving your wildest dream? Or living your best life?

Whatever that fear may be, I challenge you to look it in the eye. Then blink twice -- and sail right past it.