APEX Public Relations President Visits Loyalist

Loyalist PR students were inspired today by a visit by Pat McNamara, President of the Toronto-based PR firm of APEX Public Relations Inc.

Pat made an excellent presentation to students on life inside a PR agency, as well as offering great job searching tips, and opening students' eyes to the many options they have in the field.

"PR firms are a great launching pad for your career," Pat told Loyalist PR students, adding that since most people spend 2/3 of their adult lifetime working, "why not love what you do?"

With clients like Nike, Kellogs and the Bank of Montreal, APEX provides a wide range of public relations services, from corporate communications and brand marketing to government relations and issues/crisis management.

Pat's presentation included a great recent case study demonstrating agency work in action.

A group scenario challenge also allowed students to stretch their imaginations and focus in on a real-world challenge.

Thank you for a wonderful visit, Pat - we look forward to keeping in touch!