Friday, October 02, 2009

Loyalist PR Alumni Panel makes an impact

Yesterday, Loyalist PR students welcomed a fantastic Loyalist PR Alumni Panel back on campus to discuss current industry issues and job market realities.

The panel consisted of:

- Ashley MacCormack, Events Co-ordinator (Ottawa Humane Society)

- Alex Sancton, Youth Mobilization Co-ordinator, Public Affairs (World Vision Canada)

- Karen Windover, Special Events and Development Co-ordinator (Albert College)

- Catharine Holt, Donor Relations & Special Events Co-ordinator (Campbellford Memorial Hospital Foundation)

- Emily Robson, Co-ordinator, Municpal Cultural Planning Partnership (City of Waterloo)

- Sylvia Draaistra, Marketing Director (Teach Your Children Well)

- Jeremy MacLaine, Marketing Co-ordinator (East Central Ontario Training Board)

- Amy Hoskin, Athletics Events Assistant (Loyalist College)

- Dan Truman, Alumni Relations Assistant (Loyalist College)

- Christine Richard, Donor Relations Assistant (Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation).

Panelists responded to students' questions and discussed topics like volunteering, how to build social capital, the role of social media in PR, sponsorship, skills needed for today's industry, internship opportunities and much more.

A huge thank you to all our panelists - we are so proud of all of you. We appreciate you taking the time from your very busy schedules to share your afternoon with us. We are all richer for it.

P.S. Thanks to those who also joined us for a fun dinner afterward - an amazing 2010 Loyalist PR Reunion is now in the works!


Micheal Bernard McCaul said...

I am sorry I had to miss the dinner. Sounds like it would have been very beneficial; stupid SIFE! Oh well, I was in downtown Toronto for a showcase of the National SIFE champions. Got a four star lunch and polished my shoes. LOL! Hopefully if I had any questions I can message any of the panel members on twitter.

Seaneen Collins said...

Thank you to the panel for their stories, expertise and advice they shared with us in class. Their experiences are a huge learning tool for me. It’s so helpful to draw first hand knowledge of the PR business from former students who used to be where we’re sitting right now. Their insight and suggestions will no doubt assist in the success of our internships, networking ventures and the remainder of our learning year. Great job!