It's all about balance...

I had a great chance to try out a new sport this week here on campus. It's called slack-lining, and involves walking a very narrow (wobbly!) rope while holding the hands of two spotters.

Two of my Loyalist PR students work in Campus Rec, so they invited me and Alex Sancton (visiting our class from World Vision), to take part in the activity.

So here are a few lessons we learned from slack-lining:

1. Never be afraid to try something new - even when you're not sure you'll land on your feet.

2. Surround yourself with people you trust; they could just be the ones to get you through a dizzying experience.

3. Trust your instincts; even when you're facing a new challenge, chances are you can do it with the right guidance.

4. Learn to laugh at yourself; it'll keep you humble.

5. Life is wobbly; hang on tight and don't let go.

Thanks for introducing us to slack-lining, Monique and Kelly - we had a great time!