Freeze Frame with Nick DiMarco (Loyalist PR 07/08)

Today's Freeze Frame features Nick DiMarco (Loyalist PR 07/08) who is currently working as a Marketing Assistant with MLJ Coaching International in Kingston, Ontario.

Prior to enrolling in Loyalist PR, Nick completed a diploma in Radio Broadcasting at Loyalist College.

Freeze Frame: Tell us about your current position with MLJ Coaching International.

Nick DiMarco: Since I’m still relatively new in the position (mid-May 2009), I’m still working towards my full potential in the job. But as it stands right now I am the direct contact between my boss and our clients. I keep track of our database, take part in trade shows and help with workshops for our clients.

A project I have very recently taken on, along with my Operations Manager, is our annual conference/retreat. For this I will have to create all the promotional material as well as be the one to inform our clients of the conference. I will also be attending to conference to help with the day to day activities.

For now though, my primary focus is on the current program we are running, and keeping the clients happy.

FF: What’s the best part of your job so far?

ND: The most joy I’m getting out of the job right now is knowing that since I’ve been there, the business has progressed extensively. The fact that I’ve been able to relieve my boss of certain tasks, such as the marketing, has helped her be able to focus on what she does best and that’s the business training.

Like my boss says “do what you do best and hire out the rest.” It only makes sense.

FF: How did Loyalist PR help prepare you for your current position?

ND: Taking PR at Loyalist helped me in every way possible. It gave me the professionalism, and the academic background to do what I’m doing today -- everything from client and community relations, to the most basic things like stuffing gift bags for events. It’s funny to see how all the small things we did in class, like the team building exercises and creative thinking projects, have really paid off. Without that basic knowledge of social skills and your own creativity, you can’t succeed in a fast paced career based position.

FF: What’s your best memory of your days in Loyalist PR?

ND: You may ask for one, but I’m going to tell you two, just because I feel the need! My first one was obviously the baby shower that the class threw for me! [Nick is now the proud father of a beautiful daughter, Avery.) To this day I still laugh at the fact that it took me half a minute that the surprise was actually for me.

My second favourite memory was our United Way “Way or No Way” fundraiser – it was classic! And the fact that for the first time I was allowed to be on a mega phone and make a complete fool out of myself and it was perfectly fine!

FF: Do you have any advice for this fall’s Loyalist PR students?

ND: Have an open mind! The PR program at Loyalist has something for everyone, so take as much from it as possible, because you’ll never know where you’ll find yourself after you graduate. You don’t want to be sitting in an interview one day saying, “Darn, I wish I had paid attention to what Kerry said about news releases, it would really help me right about now.”

Finally, I know you’re a huge superhero fan – so who’s your favourite superhero of all time?

ND: YAY! Something for me to go on a little rant about! Right now, I’d have to say my absolute favourite superhero is actually a mercenary called Deadpool. If you’ve seen the new Wolverine movie you’ll somewhat know who I’m talking about, but that movie was wrong from the first minute it started and that’s something I don’t want to bore you with!

But the reason why I enjoy Deadpool is because he’s crazy, literally. He talks to himself. He has three conscious levels that talk: the left side of his brain, the right side of his brain, and than Him. They all think independently to help him do whatever it is he’s doing. Plus he is the only person in the comic book world that knows he’s in a comic. Wiki him, you might get a good laugh.

I knew that last question would get you talking – good luck with your new job, Nick!