Freeze Frame with Jeff Lauritsen (Loyalist PR 08/09)

Today’s Freeze Frame features Jeff Lauritsen (Loyalist PR 08/09) who is now the Communications Co-ordinator at Quinte Waste Solutions (QWS) in Trenton, Ontario. QWS handles all the recycling for nine municipalities in Centre and South Hastings, as well as Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Prior to enrolling in the Post-Graduate Public Relations Program at Loyalist College, Jeff served eight years with the Canadian Armed Forces working in satellite communications, radio and IT networking.

Freeze Frame: Tell us what you’re up to these days at Quinte Waste Solutions.

Jeff Lauritsen: As Communications Co-ordinator, I manage all the promotional materials at QWS, including public service announcements, press releases, radio interviews, paid advertising, design and implementation of various print materials. I am also in the process of developing educational programs on recycling for schools, and when I can, I provide tours of our Material Recycling Facility (MRF) to the public.

FF: How do you feel Loyalist PR helped prepare you for your current position?

JL: The Post-Grad PR Program at Loyalist provided me with the tools I use every day on the job. I notice this most when I am dealing with the local media. It is refreshing for them to have people using the same templates they are familiar with. I find that if you take care of all the formatting issues, and deliver a file to them the way they prefer it, the chances of your articles going to print increase dramatically (not to mention the relationship you are able to build with them).

FF: What’s the best part of your job?

JL: Coming to work every day! In a time when unfortunately many people are without work, I am grateful to Loyalist College, more specifically Kerry [aw, thanks, Jeff!], for giving me the knowledge and tools to market myself effectively in this uncertain economic climate.

FF: What’s your best memory of Loyalist PR?

JL: I really enjoyed all the different people that made up the PR class. Everyone came with their own experiences and skill sets which added to an already excellent learning environment. If I had to narrow it down, I would say Thanksgiving dinner with everyone would be in my Top 3.

FF: Do you have any advice students enrolling in the fall 2009 Post-Grad PR Program?

JL: Do it!

FF: Finally, what is the one thing you think that can help set someone apart in this tough job market?

JL: The one thing that will set you apart from others in this field is really having an understanding of how you will measure the success of the campaign you produce. In a time when money weighs heavily in the decision-making process, being able to identify to your superiors or potential employer how you will measure your success will give you that needed edge.

FF: Thanks, Jeff – congratulations on your success, and good luck in the future!