Loyalist PR celebrates a memorable year at the 4th Annual PRISM Awards

It's been a year of a thousand memories, and it all came down to this: the 4th Annual PRISM Awards, held at the Bohemian Penguin here in Belleville.

First, a huge thanks to the PRISM planning team: Sara Hamil (project manager), Jeremy MacLaine (MC), Michelle Pomeroy (uber decoratrice) and Rachel Fehr (gift bag queen).

Also, thanks to our special guests: Maureen Piercy, President of Loyalist College, Geoff Cudmore, Acting VP of Academics, Jane Harrison, Acting Dean of Media Studies, Doug Mepham, Chair of the Post-Grad PR Advisory Committee, as well as the advisory committee members, Loyalist staff and faculty who joined in the celebration.

And the winners are...

2009 PRISM Service Award – Sarah Tummon
Honourable Mention – Bryna Jones

2009 PRISM Leadership Award – Amy Hoskin
Honourable Mention – Sara Hamil

2009 PRISM Innovation Award – Kyle MacKenzie
Honourable Mention – Sara Hamil

2009 PRISM Teamwork Award – Jeff Lauritsen
Honourable Mention – Jeannie Maidens

2009 PRISM Spirit Award – Sara Hamil
Honourable Mentions – Jeff Lauritsen and Dan Truman

2009 PRISM New Media Award – Kyle MacKenzie
Honourable Mention - Jeremy MacLaine

2009 PRISM Professionalism Award – Bryna Jones
Honourable Mention – Shannon Brant

2009 PRISM Mentorship Award – Lisa Kirbie, Loyalist PR Alumnus and Senate Liaison and Stakeholder Relations Officer for the Office of the Leader of the Official Opposition, Parliament Hill (Ottawa)

2009 PRISM Student Excellence Award – Jeannie Maidens
Honourable Mention - Shannon Brant

Campaign of the Year Award - "The Grass is Greener in Prince Edward County" for the Prince Edward County Economic Development Office (Shannon Brant, Rachel Fehr, Dan Truman, Stacey Hawkins)

2009 Kay Staib Memorial Scholarship ($500)
- Kyle MacKenzie

When the speeches had been made and the songs sung, I think we all realized this is not so much an end as a beginning.

I am so proud of each and every one of you.