Freeze Frame with Chris Thompson (Loyalist PR 07/08)

Today’s Freeze Frame features Chris Thompson (Loyalist PR 07/08) who is now working as the Assistant Sports Information Officer at Queen's University.

Prior to enrolling in the Loyalist PR program, Chris completed a diploma in New Media & Animation from Loyalist College.

Freeze Frame: What's the best thing about your job these days, Chris?

Chris Thompson: I get to use all of my skills and combine them with sports and bring athletics to the entire country. It's neat to see my work out there in the public.

FF: What's the singlemost important ingredient to landing the job of your dreams?

CT: A strong work ethic. You have to know what you want and put the time in to get there. I still believe that your dream job can change even if you think you're at your dream job right now. Times change and you have to continually challenge yourself.

FF: What are the top two lessons Loyalist PR taught you in preparation for your job today?

CT: First, time management. I thought I was good, but Loyalist PR prepared me for my job right now and the work load and hours I put in now. I don't know where I would be without it. And second, organization. This is key. We had a lot of projects due at different times, and it really is like the real world. Loyalist PR was amazing for getting your affairs in order.

FF: How can this year's students better prepare themselves for the job market?

CT: Have open ears and open minds. Do not settle for a safe job because I believe you will never be challenged and become a successful PR person. Go for it all and keep on your toes. Widen your search; you sometimes don't always know where a PR job lies.

FF: Finally, you're a sports guy, so who do you think is the greatest coach of all time and why?

CT: Being a part of so many teams, I have a huge pool to select from. But I would have to go with not only my hockey coach, but my life coach: my father. He coached me for almost my entire hockey career, and while he was teaching me hockey, he also taught me about life. He taught me respect and loyalty, as well as a drive to compete and be successful. His advice to me: never settle for safe and always push towards the unknown; be smart and use your head.