Students and employers grade Loyalist PR

Recent results from an independent study of Key Performance Indicators (2007) for the Post-Graduate Public Relations Program at Loyalist College reveal that students and employers alike are highly impressed with the program -- and the results it’s getting in the workplace.

Here are a few of the survey’s findings:

Students speak:

Ability to provide skills and abilities specific to your chosen career – 100% satisfaction

Includes topics relevant to your future success – 100% satisfaction

Teachers' knowledge of subjects – 90% satisfaction

Teachers’ presentation of the subject material – 100% satisfaction

Quality of classroom learning – 95% satisfaction

Helpfulness of teachers outside class – 90% satisfaction

Teachers are up-to-date/current in their fields – 90% satisfaction

Your overall college experience
– 90% satisfaction

Overall your program is giving you knowledge and skills that will be useful in your future career – 95% satisfaction

Overall quality of the learning experiences in this program – 95% satisfaction

Employers speak:

Based on the same independent survey results, here's what employers have to say about the Loyalist PR students they are currently employing:

Quality of work – 96% satisfaction

Teamwork – 100% satisfaction

Problem solving – 92% satisfaction

Computer skills – 96% satisfaction

Productivity – 92% satisfaction

Adaptable – 96% satisfaction

Responsible – 96% satisfaction

How would you rate your satisfaction with this employee’s overall college preparation for the type of work he/she was doing? – 96%

In the Post-Graduate Public Relations Program we are committed to the pursuit of excellence, and will continue to put forward our best efforts in preparing our students for a dynamic and ever-changing workforce.