Friday, December 07, 2007

"Rock Your Career" Doubleheader (Part I)

This has been an amazing week for the Post-Grad Public Relations program here at Loyalist College.

Our final day together culminated with two great speakers: Karen Passmore, Senior Consultant with Argyle Communications in Toronto in the morning, and Loyalist alumnus Leona Hobbs, Communications Director at Tucows (see Part II of this "doubleheader" blog entry) in the afternoon.

In the AM, Karen walked us through the opportunities and challenges of life in a PR agency. She also presented some of the great work that Argyle has done in recent months, from the Smarties campaign to the Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies.

Karen's insights and experience provided a great glimpse into the agency world, and her advice helped many better focus their career goals.

Thanks for a great visit, Karen!


Brandy Monro said...

WOW Kerry,

We did rock our career week. Thanks so much for setting up such a great line-up of guest speakers. It was informative and inspiring!
Its been a great semester and I appreciate all of your guidence, knowledge, and wisdom...I have learned the rule of three!

LoyalistPR said...

Nicely done... oops, I guess the word "nice" is vetoed due to the vagueness rule :) It's been a pleasure having you in the program and the best is yet to come!


Karen Passmore said...

Kerry, just a quick note to thank you and everyone in the program for the invitation to speak. It was a great morning, and a fantastic way to meet the students. Congratulations on a positive and successful program!

Karen Passmore
Argyle Communications

LoyalistPR said...

It was great to have you, Karen! All the best with your upcoming campaigns.