Alumni kick off "Rock Your Career!" Week

A great Alumni Panel provided an excellent jump start to "Rock Your Career!" Week here at Loyalist PR on Monday.

An outstanding line-up of Loyalist PR grads joined us (despite the snow and icy road conditions) to reflect on their successes to date, and to inspire current students as they prepare for their own careers in public relations.

Special thanks to Jess Douglas (Cake Beauty, Toronto), Mike Shoreman (Sir James Whitney School for the Deaf, Belleville), Sharon Partridge (Kingston General Hospital) and Melanie Jordan (Albert College, Belleville) who joined us on-site for the alumni panel.

Thanks also to Loyalist PR alumni Lisa Kirbie (Office of Senator Grant Mitchell, Ottawa), Amanda Attard (Hala Events & Communications Inc., Toronto) and MJ Shields (Prfect Communications, Hastings) who joined us via Facebook.

What's truly amazing is that these grads have already seen such great success after being in the field only a few short months since their June 2007 graduation.

We’re proud of you all – thank you for taking the time to give back to Loyalist PR and to help mentor a new group of future alumni rock stars!