Freeze Frame with Sundeep Shahani (LoyalistPR 06/07)

Freeze Frame is a regular feature of the LoyalistPR blog where we post our findings on what our illustrious alumni are up to and how much they’re making these days (just kidding!).

Today’s Freeze Frame features Sundeep Shahani (Loyalist PR 06/07). Prior to enrolling in the Post-Grad Public Relations Program at Loyalist College, Sundeep lived in India where he earned his Masters degree in Spanish and a degree in Radio Broadcasting.

Freeze Frame: What are you up to these days, Sundeep?

Sundeep Shahani: Since graduating from Loyalist, I’ve worked as a Pride and Recognition Officer with Service Canada in Ottawa. Recently, I was hired as a Trade Advocacy Officer with Western Hemisphere Trade Division, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. It’s interesting to know how agri-based products have a meaningful impact on bilateral trade between US & Canada.

My new responsibilities involve helping already motivated US buyers to further recognize the true potential of Canadian Agri based market.

FF: What are the three most important lessons you learned in Loyalist PR?

SS: Relationship building is a key to success. Kerry’s interactive teaching method helped me recognize my true potential since I was fairly new to Canada at that point of time. I also learned that ethics play vital role.

FF: Do you have any advice for current or future LoyalistPR students?

SS: Manage your time as you manage your money. Additionally, I believe LoyalistPR students have the opportunity to be with one of the best professors in Canada, so make the best possible use of it...

FF: What is the one of your favourite things about living in Canada, now that you are living here full-time?

SS: Canada has treated me so well since the day I showed up; starting from my landlord in Belleville, to my friends and professors at Loyalist College. I am proud to be a part of the Loyalist family!