Friday, September 14, 2007

Ethics, anyone?

Post-Grad PR students at Loyalist College enjoyed a visit yesterday from Karen Dalton, National Executive Director of the Canadian Public Relations Society based in Toronto.

A special thanks to Karen for sharing with us the ethical foundations on which students will begin building their careers in the future.

The CPRS’s new Social Media Statement sparked particular interest among students.

As public relations professionals, we were reminded that emerging technologies will continue to challenge us as we progress in our careers.

Today it’s Facebook, YouTube and wikis. Tomorrow – who knows?

One thing is certain, though: with a strong set of core personal and professional values, the choices we make throughout our careers will be that much easier.


Brandy Monro said...

"Ethics anyone?" Yes please! I feel that having Karen Dalton into our PR class was a very enriching experience. It is constructive to seek knowledge and advice first hand from professionals who live the experience everyday. She certainly has got me thinking about breaking down my own ethical codes to get to the substance of what I stand for. Thanks Karen. …But, what about Facebook???

Robert Smith said...

I honestly didn't realize how strong a role ethics played in PR until yesterday. I will fully admit at points the presentation lost me just due to sheer amount of text and information being thrown out. But it also left me with a stronger understanding and appreciation for deciding what is right and what it wrong in our profession.