Freeze Frame with Jess Douglas (LoyalistPR 06/07)

Freeze Frame is a regular feature of the LoyalistPR blog where we post our findings on what our illustrious alumni are up to and how much they’re making these days (just kidding!).

Today’s Freeze Frame features Jessica Douglas (Loyalist PR 06/07). Prior to enrolling in the Post-Grad Public Relations Program at Loyalist College, Jess completed a diploma in Radio Broadcasting at Loyalist.

Freeze Frame: What are you up to these days?

Jessica Douglas: I’m currently working as the Operations Co-ordinator with PR duties at Cake Beauty in Toronto.

In the beauty retail biz, the holiday season is fast approaching, so new holiday products will be launching soon. Getting hits in magazines and other print is something we always work on, but especially for the big shopping seasons!

FF: What are the three most valuable lessons you took with you from the Loyalist PR program?

JD: Number one, keep a positive attitude. Number two, manage and prioritize your time (tres important!). And number three, someone body is always watching, so try to be professional all the time. (A potential client/employer could see you acting like a dufus and not want any part of you or your organization.) Word of mouth is NUTS in this industry!

FF: What does it take to find a job in the field of public relations?

JD: Persistence, almost flirting with the line of being irritating. Make it known that you want to be there and will keep trying until you give you the time to ROCK the interview. Also, a positive attitude is important.

FF: Any words of wisdom for current and/or future Loyalist PR students?

JD: Be persistent, make the call/email, follow up! While on internship, don’t be afraid to ask questions. It shows that you care enough to ask (and if you don’t care, get an internship where you do!).

FF: Finally, and most importantly, what’s your favourite flavour of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?

JD: Old reliable Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough… but when I’m feeling like a party…. Bananas on the Rum!