Walkin' on sunshine...

It's that time of year that we teachers come to relish almost as much as the start of a fresh, new semester... summer vacation!

Now before you get all bitter on me, remember we do put in a lot of extra time during the year grading, nurturing, mentoring, seeking therapy (just kidding on that last point... barely).

And though we're technically on holidays, there really is actually no easy way to turn off a teacher's brain. It seems we're always gathering new ideas, techniques and cases to incorporate into our next semester. Or else we're honing new skills ourselves. Or else... well, OK, the rest of the time we really are just lounging on some beach somewhere.

In any case, I do wish everyone a happy summer. I promise I will do my best to maintain this blog with some semblance of consistency during the next two months. But in between, just hum your favourite summertime tune and think of me!

Happy BBQ season!