Life in a fishbowl

People often comment on the “fishy” branding campaign we’ve developed here at LoyalistPR. Some even wonder aloud “What’s with the fish?”

The answer is a simple one, really. As faculty and students of the Post-Grad Public Relations Program at Loyalist College, we’re big believers in the FISH! philosophy. In fact, we try to weave the four key principles of the philosophy into everything we do.

So what is FISH exactly?

FISH! is a unique approach to work and play that is specifically designed to inspire fresh and innovative work environments -- or, as in our case, learning centres.

For us, FISH! is all about creating a learning culture that is conducive to creative thought and collaborative learning – the perfect setting for that “next great idea” when it comes to PR campaign planning.

The four principles of FISH! are simple:

1. Play
2. Be there.
3. Make their day.
4. Choose your attitude.

By daily implementing these four principles, we hope to help shape a workforce of problem-solvers who are open-minded and creatively inclined, even under pressure.

As a college educator, adhering to the four principles of FISH! also ensures I remain at the top of my game, making each day a memorable learning experience for the students who walk through my classroom doors.

So what are you waiting for? Go make a splash!