Freeze Frame with Ashley Edwards Scott (LoyalistPR 05/06)

Freeze Frame is a regular feature of the LoyalistPR blog where we post our findings on what our illustrious alumni are up to and how much they're making these days (just kidding!).

Today's Freeze Frame features Ashley Edwards Scott (LoyalistPR
05/06). Prior to enrolling in the Post-Graduate Public Relations Program at Loyalist College in Belleville, Ontario, Ashley completed a diploma in Advertising at Loyalist College.

Freeze Frame:
So what are you up to these days, Ashley?

Ashley Edwards Scott: I am the Communications Coordinator for Westcan in Edmonton, Alberta. My role includes: website development /content management, writing for company publications, media relations, speech writing, employee relations, promotional materials, trade show displays, advertising and special events. Right now I'm in the early stages of producing a mulitmedia employee orientation program. I am constantly learning and loving every minute of it!

FF: What are the three most valuable lessons you learned in

AES: First, Kerry's famous PR mantra: "You have to get the inside onside before you go outside." I have found this to be one of the truest and most valuable PR lessons I have learned.

Second, write everything down. Even the worst ideas can lead to something brilliant.

And finally, PR is a process. You have to be patient and realize that nothing worth trying for happens over night. Keep trying until you get it , because there is no better feeling than when it all comes together.

FF: What does it take to find a job in the field of public relations?

AES: It takes research, networking skills, confidence and an understanding of what the company's needs are. It's all about how you convey your ability to take on the role and bring something unique to it.

FF: Any words of wisdom for current or future Loyalist PR students?

AES: Move to Alberta - you will make lots of money! Just kidding. Seriously though, Alberta's economy is booming and companies are constantly seeking individuals with the skill sets Loyalist PR grads possess. Packing up and moving out west is not for everyone, but it is definitely a great place to start your career.

What are my words of wisdom? Seek out career opportunities that will allow you to develop your skills in positive, challenging and rewarding environment. Be one of those people who say they "love their job" and know that it's true!

FF: Final question: what's your favourite cowboy western movie ever?

AES: Dances with Wolves. I'm not going to lie, I've had thing for Kevin Costner since I was little.