Netseeding defined

Definition: a non-branded Internet commercial and guerrilla marketing tactic made famous by the recent Bridezilla wig-out clip on YouTube.

“You plant your seed on the net, you nurture it, you watch it grow and then, hopefully, you watch it become a phenomenon that everyone’s talking about, which is exactly what happened with the wig-out video,” Burnout Productions producer Robbie McNamara told the CBC this past February.

Ethical marketing practice or not? That is the burning question.

What I know for sure is that media consumers today are becoming increasingly cynical (not to mention frustrated) about the deceptive practices of modern marketers.

Which makes me wonder: sure, the YouTube incident got everyone talking – but what was the actual benefit to the brand in question?

Did the hair product’s 15 minutes of fame translate into a stronger brand – or did it simply flag the company as a bunch of tricksters who will do anything to make a buck?

Public relations is first and foremost about building relationships with audiences, not duping them into buying a product or idea.

Building brand longevity takes time and trust; only an ethical approach to communication can achieve this in the long run.