Time for Tim Hortons to Go Green

Tim Hortons is continuing to dig in its heels when it comes to the greening of its multi-billion dollar coffee empire. While other organizations like President's Choice and the LCBO have shown shades of environmentalism, Canada's beloved icon staunchly refuses to get with the program.

"We're not a waste management company," explains Nick Javor, Senior Vice-President of Corporate Affairs for Tim Hortons (Toronto Star, May 11, 2007) in the company's defence.

So much for corporate social responsibility. According to that weak brand of logic, families and individuals everywhere should forget about recycling, let backyard sprinklers run the Great Lakes dry, and toss our trash out the window on our way down the 401... after all, we're not waste management companies, are we?

Granted, Tim Hortons does compost coffee grounds and give people a discount who bring in their own thermal mug. But as a Canadian corporate leader, isn't there much more this wealthy company can do to green its business?

Case in point: the millions of non-recyclable Tim Hortons coffee cups that litter boulevards and parks all across this country. What's being done to address this issue and others like it?

Being a good corporate citizen isn't a choice; it's a responsibility. Time to step up, Tim Hortons. We'll all be watching.